"K n o w   N o   L i m i t s"

Legal Proceedings

Our professional interpreters are certified pursuant to any state or federal requirements ensuring accuracy in legal terminology and procedures for...

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At A.I. your options are endless. Whether it's real-time captioning, sign language interpreters, a simultaneous interpretation for an audience or whisper interpreting for a student, our interpreters are qualified to facilitate communication within a classroom or a large group, we...

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A.I. believes that interpreters are cultural mediators as well as language experts. In this role, interpreters can promote a sense of comfort and trust for individuals or families who speak limited English in a healthcare setting. Our qualified interpreters routinely...

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Business Meetings

A.I. builds its network of language access professionals with interpreters, captionists and translators who have a variety of educational disciplines.

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Professional Development and Training

A.I. ensures that our clients are prepared to use our services by assisting with staff and employee training. We assist your people in understanding the process of any given access option to communication.

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Access to the Arts

A.I. has a long-standing history of providing access to the performing arts. Plays, concerts, book signing or sports events, auditions and media presentations of all sorts.

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Be an informed citizen; ensure your constituency understands your political goals and policies.

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Special Events

Our services go beyond the courtroom and medical office. AI routinely provides language access solutions for special events, such as tours, weddings, religious ceremonies, etc.

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