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Accommodating Ideas, Inc. was initially founded in 1992 by Darlene Geyer to bridge the gap for traveling professionals who are D/deaf by providing Americans with Disabilities Act training and consultation and general disability awareness training for employers and customer service representatives. Training's were accompanied by sales of TDD’s, light and vibrating notification systems, telecaption decoders for TV’s (before they were chipped) at hotels and hospitals all over the United States. Those same Deaf professionals noted their need for qualified sign language interpreters in all parts of the country. As a seasoned sign language interpreter, Mrs. Geyer, decided at that point to broaden the scope of the business to include sign language interpreting services.

In 2009 Accommodating Ideas reinvented itself while keeping pace with ever evolving technologies in service provision and rules and regulations related to language access. Our passion for overcoming language barriers was broadened from providing just sign language interpreting to provision of over 150 spoken languages, real-time captioning and translations. From only performing services in person and on-site to service provision over telephone lines and the internet. The cultural component to overcoming language barriers has burgeoned into professional development and training modules that inform and encourage culturally relevant behavior that is comfortable and inclusive.

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