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Do you have a creative specialty? We'd love to share it with you and other language access professionals. I know as a native signer when I witness a beautifully signed song or story I am moved and my skills as an interpreter are elevated. As a fluent user of English I am also moved and inspired when I'm exposed to a piece well written. I learn from exposure to language on this level. Do you?

Language and culture are inseparable let us celebrate it here while creating awareness that we can carry forward.

Exploring that which we know we do not know elevates us all. Here is to creative endeavors we can share.

Have a youtube video you want to share? A fun photo relevant to our work? A interpretation, translation, or caption boo boo you think is funny or provoking? A story sure to crack us up?

Submissions can be sent to aiterps at for review. Once determined to be relevant to our site we'll post it.

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