CSD Raises Over $10k for Haiti Disaster Relief Efforts

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Funds earmarked for Friends of Monfort, Inc. and St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children, Port-au-Prince, two organizations serving deaf and disabled in Haiti.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (March 2) -- CSD, the nation's largest deaf and hard of hearing service organization, announced today it will be sending over $10,000 to two separate Haiti entities to assist them in serving their deaf, hard of hearing and other disabled population in the wake of Haiti's recent national disaster.

Employees from around the nation participated in this fundraiser in various capacities, either by simply donating cash or buying "Jeans for Haiti" coupons, which allowed staff to wear jeans for one day; purchasing Candygrams with flowers for their fellow coworkers; buying custom-made Valentines for office friends and colleagues; and several other means.

As a company by, of and for the deaf, CSD decided to donate these funds to two Haitian organizations who align themselves with CSD's mission. The first is Friends of Monfort, Inc., an organization serving over 600 deaf and deaf-blind children in Haiti. The second, St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped children, operates a residential and day program for 350 deaf, blind and physically disabled students. St. Vincent's facilities were impacted by the earthquake and are in need of donations to rebuild.

"I am humbled by our employees' commitment to understand and heed the call to 'think globally and act locally,'" said Ben Soukup, CSD chief executive officer. "From our offices in Alaska and Hawaii to our contact center in New York, CSD employees joined together to help those in need in Haiti, and hope our contributions assist them as they turn the page and overcome this catastrophic ordeal as best they can."

For more information on and to give to Friends of Montfort, Inc, go to www.friendsofmontfort.org, and for more information on St. Vincent's go to www.friendsofstvincents.org.

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